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Who's here for a good time?

Are you here for a good time? I most certainly am!

Or a long time?

I don't believe the two have to be mutually exclusive.

My definition of a good time also means hopefully a long – and healthy – time. I believe we should treat ourselves but also treat ourselves well.

We all know that overindulging is not good treatment. There are the obvious excesses that clearly do us no favours: too many 'big' nights, smoking, too much alcohol, excessive junk food. None of these are treating ourselves well. But neither is denial of food and obsessive exercising.

No matter how much we think any of these is 'good' in the moment, later we realise we've treated ourselves poorly.

And whether we consider these examples good, bad or OK in moderation, we may even use them in excess to punish ourselves, to create or address guilt or any number of other emotions.

It is the excess in all its forms that causes the chronic conditions of disease many live with for years with a poor quality of life.

This is not about the old adage of 'everything in moderation'. I agree, that's boring. Because it's about what NOT to do.

I'd like to reframe the idea into 'treat yourself well.' as this is about what TO do. I believe that if we are mindful of this idea, we can make more decisions that feed both our body and soul for a better journey.

Defining what 'treating' yourself well means for you can aid in prevention and enjoying both a good time and a long time with all life has to offer. Health is the real wealth as without it, it doesn't matter how much money we have as we might not enjoy it much!

Practical application for everyday life:

Have whatever 'treats' you want, but go for quality not quantity and this will feed your soul. This makes you feel cared for - by you! The treat might be a long bath, a slice of rich chocolate mud cake, a challenging rock climb, a fresh juicy mango or a mango daiquiri... (but perhaps not 7 of any of these at once!) And every day ask the question: How will I treat myself well today?

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