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Health Coaching Package - 12 weeks

An initial one hour vision and planning session, followed by 11 weekly 30 minute sessions. Includes the assessment of your health questionnaire. 12 weeks is a minimal commitment to effect behaviour change. This includes email/SMS access between sessions to help you move forward.

Planning consultation - 60 minutes

Not ready to commit to 3 months? That's OK! Try a one-hour vision and planning session to investigate what health coaching could offer you including an assessment of your pre-coaching questionnaire.

Follow up session - 30 mins

Only available after an initial one-hour planning session and health questionnaire assessment is completed.

Seminars, workshops, content

I enjoy tailoring original content for groups on a range of topics in health, wellness, fitness, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, beahaviour change and stress management for example.

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About Health Coaching

I coach in person, by phone or Skype and provide presentations to corporate, health, fitness, medical, educational, sporting and community groups. Solutions are focussed on long term, sustainable health behaviour change rather than quick fixes. 


What happens in the coaching sessions?


  • Judgement-free support, accountability and absolute confidentiality.

  • Set goals based on what's important to you and identify roadblocks to success.

  • Strategise, build competence and confidence.

  • Move through an action plan towards desired outcomes.

  • Advice in my areas of expertise if desired.

  • Referral, if I feel you would benefit from a different practitioner (eg. medical or mental health).


How to get started?


1. Request a phone chat with the coach to help you determine if this is for you.

2. Book your sessoin and pay via the links in the service menu above.

3. Complete the health questionnaire here at least 48 hours before your first coaching session.

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