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I enhance performance by helping your athletes eat, train, recover and sleep like athletes!

Fiona has a unique approach and specialises in working with groups of athletes to mentor them to build autonomy in strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery and sleep behaviours to enhance athletic performance. 

Fiona Hargraves is a qualified exercise physiologist, sports scientist, nutritionist, and health & wellness coach with over 30 years experience helping people lead healthier lives. She is a published health author and university lecturer in Nutrition, Exercise & Sport Science, and Health Psychology and is currently completing PhD research in lifestyle medicine, behavioural psychology and exercise.

Health Communications


  • Health & wellness presenting

  • Seminars and workshops

  • Corporate health

  • High Performance sport

  • Media content

Live Your Best life


Fiona writes about health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and behaviour change and how these elements can contribute to you getting the most out of life.

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